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Genital Integrity Videos

The increasing availability of broadband connections to the Internet have made online video increasingly useful to communicate information and ideas. This page indexes and links to videos with information about genital integrity and male circumcision.

The human foreskin

These are videos about the foreskin:

Circumcision operation videos

The following videos illustrate circumcison operations:

Other videos about circumcision

The following videos are located at, the video website operated by Google. DOC did not produce these videos, has no control over the content, and did not install them at youtube. However, DOC has viewed the videos and recommends them for general factual accuracy.

Foreskin restoration

Some men who have been circumcised, usually against their will, feel they would like to restore their penis to as near a normal condition as possible. which may offer sexual and emotional benefits. This is done by foreskin restoration, which involvings putting tension on the residual shaft skin of the penis to cause it to grow into what appears to be a foreskin and serves many of the functions of the foreskin. Doctors Opposing Circumcision does not advocate or recommend foreskin restoration but neither does Doctors Opposing Circumcision oppose foreskin restoration. We feel it is a choice to be made by the individual. There are several videos available that we present for information.

Foreskin Care

There is much mis-information circulating about proper foreskin care. Sadly, much of the mis-information is provided by the medical profession. We have located a video that provides generally accurate information. There is one major error. The average age of first foreskin retraction is 10.4 years of age, not five or six as it says in the video.


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