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Wikipedia and Male Circumcision



Wikipedia claims that anyone can edit its articles and that all views should be represented in its articles.

However, when it comes to male circumcision and the human foreskin the reality is quite different in actual practice.

Wikipedia has a practice of appointed super-powered editors to control the circumcision and human foreskin related articles who are prejudiced against the human foreskin and strongly in favor of circumcision.

One editor was Jacob Waskett,1 a British computer expert who had himself circumcised and who has to justify his personal sexual mutilation. He is strongly pro-circumcision and allied with such circumcision advocates as Professor Brian Morris of Sydney, NSW, Australia with whom he has co-authored pro-circumcision articles.

Waskett resigned his editorship for personal reasons in June 2012 and has been replaced by an editor known only as Zad68.2

Zad68 has redrafted the circumcision related articles and has minimized or totally eliminated information about the negative aspects of the practice of male circumcision, while exaggerating the alleged but unproved prophylactic benefits. For example, at the time of this writing, information on the well-documented adverse sexual and emotional sequellae to male circumcision has been suppressed.

Zad68 has documented ethno-religious proclivity toward circumcision. This may account for his apparent bias in favor of male circumcision.

Doctors Opposing Circumcision has no confidence in the circumcision related articles at Wikipedia and does not recommend Wikipedia as a primary source of information regarding male circumcision.


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